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R2D2 Argentina

Hello everyone! My name is Martín Tamburelli and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started this project "because" of my nephew who was 4 years old at the time and is one of the youngest fans I know. He knows all the details and characters of the movies and he is the one who is teaching me every day everything about the saga that I saw when I was a kid.

I'm not a big fan of Star Wars though, I haven't seen all the movies and I haven't met all the characters. Since I was a kid I have liked robots and I always wanted to have R2D2 after seeing the first movie.

Thanks to my nephew I was able to fulfill one of my dreams. After 2 years and a half building the robot from scratch I finally presented it to society, first to my family (they didn't know anything about this during its construction!) I started the project in March 2011 and I finished it in July 2013. Today the construction continues, adding more accessories and improving the assembly and configuration of it.

robot R2D2 argentino

The original idea was to give the R2D2 replica to my nephew, but after collecting all the information to build it, reading a lot about the construction and what the members of the R2D2 Builder Club were doing globally, I realized that the objective was changing. for what it is today: the main mission of AR2D2 is to bring and bring joy to children and fans through charity events and official functions of the Star Wars saga. My great surprise was when in 2004 LFL and Disney approved my robot, being the first in Argentina and Latin America!

I am passionate about technology, electronics and robotics but I did not study any of that nor do I work in those areas, thanks to the internet and being self-taught helped me a lot. This is a hobby that grows day by day and it is very rewarding to share it with friends and my family.

A special thanks to my wife who has been with me since the first day and now we also enjoy it with our daughter.


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